Speak-easy #14: the work issue

Image of Speak-easy #14: the work issue


It's possible to get paid $14,000 to line up for iPhones in the US, while in Japan, your boss is meant to give a speech at your wedding. In Australia, our most popular prime minister is also the guy who encouraged everyone to take the day off after we won the America's Cup.

The world of work is weird and, sometimes, kind of wonderful. This zine is all about that – it features the most embarrassing thing I've ever done (a true story that involves the medical profession and insider intel by DR LIAM VIERBOOM), as well as interviews with people who hold intriguing jobs: CAMERON WEBB, who researches and catches mosquitoes (when most people go out of their way to avoid mossies), ADELE CUTBUSH, a nurse who has some memorable, inspiring and pretty intense stories from the field, GRACE LEE and MATT HUYNH - talented artists who recount what it's like to be let loose to do your own thing in Tokyo and New York respectively, serial multitaskers BETH TAYLOR and ANDREW LEVINS, who have done fascinating things throughout their wide-ranging careers (one of these interviews recalls the crazy time schoolkids got to climb the Sydney Opera House completely unharnessed and no one gave AF), and WILL REICHELT, who explains what exactly he does as a visual effects supervisor (and why movie credits are so long).

This was one of my favourite zines to work on, I hope you dig it as well.